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Numbers Speak Louder than Words just look at our pay-scale .

If the recruiter calls you “bro,” Hang up and Run!

Because Good summers are built on solid foundations, And Lots of Respect!

Big results without the inflated egos and drama queens .



Reps who switch from other alarm company’s make 50% more and have sold 70% more and still have name recognition .

You owe it to your summer.

Choose Wisely


Hard work always trumps good style.



Why should I choose Rayle Security over the others?

Rayle is the next generation of home security and summer door to door sales companies. We have the highest quality, highest rep averages and highest employee satisfaction out of any summer sales company since we opened our doors.!

What is the best way to involve my friend in summer selling with Rayle Security?

Share information from our website and brochures. Then bring your friends to the Rayle office to experience the Rayle culture for themselves and to meet with our staff and other representatives within the company.

Can I begin selling now before the summer starts?

Rayle has a pre-season training and support program. You may sell before the summer starts in the designated Rayle  pre-season areas as long as you have an agreement in place with us and are properly licensed. Please speak with your manager for the list of areas where you are authorized to sell. We will assist you with all the licensing questions and help you get started. All your “good” standing accounts installed before the summer can count toward your annual bonus amount.

Where will I usally be working at and how are those areas selected?

If you are currently working and assigned a manager, you will work in their office. If you would like to request a certain area to work in, please request this through your manager.

Do I need a car and a cell phone or I pad?

Bringing your own vehicle is optimal, but sharing a car with friends is accepted. A cell phone is a must. The phone will help you be more productive.

Do you provide housing and Where will I live and who will I be living with? Can I choose who I live with?

The company will arrange for your apartment housing including furniture and utilities. You may live with friends, or if you are married, you will have your own apartment with your family. Your direct manager will assign you an apartment by working with our organized housing department.

How do I know I will be paid is there hold backs can I leave early?

As soon as your manager arrives in the area you should start selling. We strongly suggest selling as much as possible in our pre-season program before the summer to ensure a successful transition.

Do I have to pay rent at the housing is company rental cars available?

Rent is charged at $100 per week and $250 for married couples. If you achieve your sales bonuses to cover rent, then rent will not be deducted.

How do I secure summer housing with Rayle?

We have a dedicated Housing coordinator that will work with your manager on placing you in the right apartments. Please check with your manager first in order to secure your housing.

How and when will I be paid different than any other company?

You will receive your upfront pay weekly for approved accounts, and the rest will come as part of your backend at the end of the summer.

What will my day look like winter and sumer programs?

You will typically work Monday through Saturday and start your day at around 12:00 pm with a daily team correlation meeting, and then go out selling until dark. Your Area Manager will set up a schedule for success.

Can I access my accounts during the summer to see my progress and how well I am doing?

All employees will have access to his/her accounts via a fully functional web site set up for this purpose. Rayle is investing over $50,000 in resources and technology this year to improve the overall functionality of our existing database. A new knowledge portal will also be available to you to allow you to view all your sold accounts, funded accounts, customers, comparisons between your peers, and your payroll. For more information on this, please speak with your manager.

How will I be trained and what matterals do you carry?

Rayle will provide you with many training sessions before the summer selling season begins. Every week at the Rayle building you can attend an informal training meeting that will focus on specific skills. We also have a door to door shadow program where you get to go out and see an experienced sales rep knock doors and also get coached while trying it yourself.

What are my career path opportunities with Rayle?

You will be rewarded for hard work. Rayle is always looking to develop existing employees, reps, and techs to advance within the company. You can go from rep to assistant manager, then sales manager, to regional manager. We also have many opportunities at corporate in operations, finance, funding, and licensing that can help promote your career and give you the skills you need to be ultimately successful. The sky is the limit at Rayle !

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